An All-Canadian Art Collection with a Theme of Transformation


The Toronto offices for Boston Consulting Group have been transformed.  Now housed in the innovative CIBC Square towers in downtown Toronto, with unrivaled views of the city, the Toronto Islands and Lake Ontario, the offices are a haven for contemporary local artwork and design.  Opus, in collaboration with renowned interior design firm HOK and the BCG team, curated a collection that reflects BCG's daily operations, while aligning seamlessly with HOK's award-winning design.

Laura Wood, co-founder and art consultant at Opus Art Projects, envisioned a collection that conveyed how BCG connects with their clients, helping to shape the future of business in Canada; developing insights, creating impact and driving transformation.  The visualization of sharing ideas came to her in the form of paper transformation; the act of writing on paper, making revisions, crumpling / folding and repeating; the folded paper being a vehicle for sharing ideas, collaborations, revisions and transformation, and thus the primary narrative of the collection was born.  The only requirement from BCG was that all of the artists included in the collection be Canadian. 

Following this directive, the collection features artwork by painter Kim Dorland, known for his thickly-painted, contemporary landscapes, Becky Comber,Francois Ares,Dennis Lin, a magician with natural materials, and Toronto locals,Erin Vincent,Peter Andrew Lusztyk,Christina Ott,Jade Rude,Moira NessJessica Thalmann,Adam Swica,Ric Santon,Lori Harrisonand others.

As the collection's narratives are directly inspired by BCG, its urban Toronto locale and HOK Toronto's beautiful, contemporary design, this well-edited and cohesive art collection will resonate with the BCG family well into the future.  The artworks' appearance and content were specially tailored to the BCG Toronto office, with all but a few of the art pieces being custom-created, site-specific commissions, resulting in a truly collaborative art collection that will endure and remain an inspiring experience.

It is definitely an art collection to be proud of and one that Opus Art Projects was lucky enough, and very thankful, to be a part of.