Opus Art Projects found its inspiration for the Four Seasons Boston residential corridor art collection in the Boston Public Garden. The prominence and scale of the willows and flowers in the collection mirror the landscape of grand weeping willows and lively, seasonal blooms just across Boylston street.

❛ ‎ Four Seasons Boston, what charm! It has an old-world feel, while still being modern. It gives one a sense of luxury and belonging, resonant of the many befitting, golden-hued artworks, and of the Four Seasons brand itself!‎‎ ‎ ❜

— ‎‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎Dawn Tyrrell

A long white relief diptych of willows by Opus Art Collective hangs in the corridor.
A framed photograph of a large white peony on a dark background by Doris Mitsch hangs on the wall.
Brassy gold framed prints, one black, one yellow ochre and one navy blue, by Alice Denison hang in a row on the wall.
Long view of a framed Doris Mitsch print: a large white peony on a dark background, hanging in the corridor.

The art collection OAP curated for the Four Seasons Boston residential corridors and lobbies is a contemporary homage to the beautiful environment right outside the doors of the residences. Floral prints by local Boston artists Alice Denison and Debby Krim, and monochromatic willow reliefs by Opus Art Collective, act as a contemporary visual transition for the residents as they arrive home.

Alice Denison, originally from New York, moved to the Boston area for school and has become a vibrant part of the Massachusetts art scene. Her ornately ethereal floral paintings are full of life and nicely juxtapose the photographic artworks in the collection by fellow Boston artist Debby Krim. Originally from Rhode Island, Krim also made the permanent move to Boston for school and has since been an active member of the art community, directing Boston's SoWa Artists Guild for nearly two decades. Krim's floral photography is a study in light and shadow, capturing the essence of the garden with its daily shifts of light and continuous movement. By photographing solely white flowers for this collection, Krim's work acutely focuses on the layering and texture of each petal, giving viewers a chance to get an up close look at nature's rhythm and rhyme beyond its straightforward beauty. 

Also included in the collection are beautiful floral photographs by the talented Doris Mitsch. Mitsch's labour of love photography is a highlight of the art collection. Her hyper-realistic portraits of peonies are considerably magnified to elicit viewer admiration for the beautiful blooms. Mitsch's dramatic photographs flank the generous white-on-white willow diptychs by Opus Art Collective. The stately willows surrounding the lagoon of the Public Garden are an iconic representation of the garden and were perfectly suited for stylization. The diptychs brighten the corridors while offering viewers an easy connection to the park outside.

With the garden as OAP's inspiration and a showcase of great local Boston artists, the Four Seasons Boston residential corridors are flourishing with a great art collection.