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✦    Lava stone beads & golden threads in custom acrylic case
✦    13"H x 7"W x 7"D
✦    Special edition of 23, each one unique
✦    Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, hand-signed by the artist

✦    Your order is custom created just for you
✦    Handled with white gloves and packaged carefully to reach you safely
✦    Prices may increase as limited edition run closes

Inspired by volcanic eruptions and cosmic explosions, Xiaojing Yan suspended thousands of beads of lava stone on golden thread to create Nebula, a six meter high installation exhibited at the Hermès Maison, Shanghai, China in 2019.  "Just as volcanic activity destroys landscapes only to create new, fertile land, and the collapse of astronomical clouds leads to the birth of new stars, Yan’s work represents the moment where all past experiences collide to form a burst of infinite possibilities." - Chao Dan

Xiaojing Yan, in collaboration with Opus Art Collective, has created an intimate Nebula for your own personal collection.  In the spirit of Yan's large scale installation of worlds and experiences colliding and collapsing, this piece has been created to share in the rebirth we are all experiencing, coming out from the cloud of the last three years into a burst of infinite possibilities.

    Special Edition "NEBULA" Coming Very Soon!

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    Xiaojing Yan  -  Nebula

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