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Memories Made at the Lake Club

So many lasting memories made.  I think for Friday Harbour I will remember these surreal times and all the added Covid challenges that had to be navigated.  This installation, quite fittingly, had a very dramatic ending.  It concluded with a lovely celebratory lunch on the patio of the Beach Club which was quite awesomely interrupted by tornado phone alerts and quite literally a tornado across the lake and into Innisfil and Barrie.  Dawn and I, not quite realizing how severe the situation was, got into our car and drove right through it.  We were very lucky.  The day afterwards, returning to site and seeing that one street over from where we had driven all the trees were flattened, that's when it actually set in what we had so narrowly avoided.  So after one year together, I feel this adventure is just the first of many.  To driving through tornados with you Dawn!  I cannot wait to make more of these memories with Opus!

The Story of Op(us)

What seemed like the most unlikely time to begin a new business, for Dawn and I, became a necessary force, setting things into motion for us to really begin thinking about where exactly we wanted to be and what we should be doing with our lives and our talents.  

Starting Opus during the 2020 pandemic has proven to be one of the wisest decisions we've made.  Not only has it brought both Dawn and I feelings of purpose and much happiness in this difficult time, it has also provided us with a creative space to really come into ourselves.  We have found our light with Opus and we aspire to share this light through our work.  Because really, I think we can all use more light in our lives!

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