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noun / ōpəs /
An artistic work, especially one on a grand scale.


Art gathers, bringing worlds together, telling our stories.
Art is the connection.  The story we are living and the story we want to live.

Opus Art Projects specializes in art consulting for bespoke hospitality, residential and commercial projects.  We thoughtfully tailor exceptional fine art collections to discerning clients, both locally and internationally.

A true story will always engage the viewer. It is one that can be read a million times over. With its nuances and subtleties, it does not grow stale, but remains unique and relevant. Opus exists to tell your story through art.


Opus cares for our clients.  Your project is our project and we will ensure your priorities are heard.  We want to provide the best possible experience of a collaboration while delivering high quality, beautiful artworks and content. 

Using our expertise and practical knowledge in the arts, we manage large-scale projects and collaborations with artists, designers, and architects globally.


We strive to ensure artwork is appropriate, culturally and otherwise, that it speaks to the intended audience and that it has beauty.
Research, client discussions and engagement with artists from the project's locale, are some of the ways in which we achieve our vision as art consultants.


Our coordinations begin with artists, galleries and the client to purchase artworks and start commissions.
As well, we consult with the building and design teams to ensure structural requirements are met and lighting is advised. The program concludes with the packing and shipping of all artworks.

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Being experienced with on-site problem solving, we find creative solutions for every unique install. We oversee the installation, ensuring the collection is installed in optimal locations and positioning.

We work closely with lighting, landscape, and design consultants to appropriately situate art in your space.